Elevate Your School Experience: The 14er Tactical Backpack for Students

Your kid is gonna look badass going to class wearing a sweet new tactical backpack!

The next time your kid asks for a new school backpack, you should think about buying a tactical backpack. Sure, it’s not the usual style of school bag, but it’s one sweet piece of gear⁠—a heavy duty, modular, ergonomic and comfortable backpack. Why not let a kid take one to class?

And you’ve probably got a tactical backpack yourself, right? We bet your kid would love having their own backpack that’s just like yours! Be sure to add some individualizing flair using morale patches. That’s a cool backpack for sure. What’s not to love?

Your kid is gonna look so badass striding into school the next day….

Tactical Backpacks for Superior Durability

A kid’s school backpack has to do a lot of heavy lifting. Not only because of the books it has to carry, but due to seeing use every day of the school year. It’s gonna be subject to wear and tear. And kids can be rough or messy as well, which doesn’t help.

Most kids will want a backpack that looks cool. But a tactical backpack’s gonna be cool and durable! Since they’re designed just like operational combat backpacks, tactical bags are constructed for durability

Examine a bag such as the 14er Tactical Backpack and you’ll see why it’s so heavy duty. The backpack makes use of a strong material called 600D polyester, indicating a fabric weight of puncture-resistant thickness. This fabric is also water resistant. 

The backpack’s straps are made of ballistic nylon. That’s the same material found on military paratroopers’ gear! It’s very reliable and strong, but also flexible. Get your kid a tactical backpack and it will surely last for several years. Tactical backpacks are made to weather the outdoors, so if a kid mostly uses one indoors, it will last even longer than expected.


Tactical backpacks are great for organizing your kid’s belongings. Check out these side zip pockets, great for holding charging cables or even snacks!


How Tactical Backpacks Offer Better Organization for Students

One of the best features of a tactical backpack is built-in modularity. These bags can readily be configured using dividers, compartments and pouches that can be added or removed. The result is a backpack that can be set up for organizing your things the way you like it!

And a lot of kids like to keep their backpacks organized. Kids do value their belongings and often want them to be stored in just the right way. A tactical backpack makes it easy to achieve that. For example, the 14er Tactical Backpack has zip-up pockets on the sides, which can hold a laptop charging cable, phone charger, earphones or power bank. Or some healthy snacks, like a power bar. 

The top of the backpack features a fleece-lined pocket that can hold eyewear or a mobile phone. The main compartment fits 35L, good for carrying a laptop, books, papers, school supplies, gym clothes and personal effects. Need more compartments? The backpack’s MOLLE style straps will accept add-on compartments and pouches. Customize the backpack to suit your organizational style!

More Ergonomic and Comfortable Than Regular Backpacks

One thing often overlooked in choosing a bag is the backpack load’s impact on the child’s body. A poorly designed backpack will result in a more stressful load carriage, which can lead to discomfort, fatigue and possibly even physical ailments. 

Tactical backpacks are designed to be carried for long stretches of walking and trekking. They need to be ergonomic and capable of distributing weight smartly to reduce stress on the back and shoulders. Due to their modularity, tactical backpacks can easily redistribute weight by rearranging the bag compartments.

There are many factors in determining how comfortable it is to wear a backpack. The child’s height, body type and physical fitness should be taken into account. To be honest, most backpacks are going to fall into a familiar and basic design. The advantage of tactical backpacks is that you can customize them to better suit your child’s needs. The modular MOLLE system lets you set a compartment high or low on the back, for example⁠—whichever configuration results in a more comfortable backpack for your kid.

A tactical backpack is extra durable⁠—well worth what you’ve paid for it, as it will stay in good condition for many years.

What About the Price of the Backpack? 

Any parent would want the best for their kid. A tactical backpack might not be the most affordable option, but it often gives you the best bang for your buck! We’ve talked about how durable these bags are. Owning a backpack that will last for years is worth the upfront cost of purchasing it. 

Plus an ergonomic and comfortable backpack is better for your child’s physical well-being. If carrying a backpack causes your kid stress and discomfort, that can lead to additional costs from taking care of such problems. So a cheap but badly designed backpack can be a truly bad investment!

Back to School in Style: Putting on Morale Patches!

A kid might look at a tactical backpack and complain that it looks too plain. But it doesn’t have to be! Soldiers commonly decorate their gear with military morale patches. Unofficial badges that express inside jokes and highlight camaraderie, patches add a touch of individuality to otherwise uniform combat packs.

Kids can do the same, attaching these colorful Velcro patches to their backpacks. Your boy will get a laugh out of putting a Chad meme badge on his bag. Or maybe one that says “After this, we’re getting tacos.” 

Not all morale patches are appropriate for displaying on a school backpack. Many of them are irreverent or even rude! A teacher won’t be happy to see an “Asshole Merit Badge” on a student’s bag! So think twice before letting your kid make use of one of the more impolite patches from our 14er Tactical collection!

Some morale patches include images of weapons, including knives, rifles and even tanks. Those might not be appropriate patches to display on school backpacks in America. They could land a kid in hot water.

That’s fine⁠—you can keep those patches for yourself! They’ll look great on your own 14er Tactical Backpack. Or even better, stick them on your range bag

Attach morale patches to a backpack to give it a personal style.

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