The 14er Morale Patch Panel is ready to be displayed with the 14er Velcro Morale Patches

If you’ve got a few too many morale patches, whatever you do, don’t keep them burried at the bottom of your closet in a Ziplock bag! Whether “a few” more means two or two hundred, there are creative ways to store or display them. If you want to get out some sewing needles or simply reach and stick (oh, the wonders of Velcro patches!), we’ve got you covered.

Morale patch display boards are one of the most common methods to show off yourimpressive collection. Or, if you need more patches, check out the 14er morale patches. Patch boards can be great pieces in your home, office, for your safe, or even a spacious car … but morale patch display boards are, of course, not the only way (more on that later).


To display your morale patches, it is important to find a patch board that is large enough to fit your impressive collection. This board should also allow you to rearrange your patches easily. Velcro patches mean that you can store, rearrange, and display your many morale patches without risk to the patch itself. Even if your patches are not Velcro patches, consider adding Velcro to them.

The 14er Morale Patch Panel can be rolled up for easy transportation and storage.

The morale patch display board, as well, should have a variety of options for display. The 14er Morale Patch Panel was created to store patches with the most options available to you. It is easily mountable, with multiple options for securing the patch board to your wall, car, locker, and more. It is simple to store your patches or travel with them because the morale patch display can be rolled up.

Finally, ensure that the morale patch display board is made from a sturdy, durable material. The 14er Morale Patch Panel is made from puncture and water-resistant ballistic polyester to avoid general wear and tear on your morale patch display.

Although this patch panel gives you the flexibility to hang or store your morale patches as desired, sometimes inspiration strikes, and we like to try something a little different.


  1. Sew your patches onto a backpack to bring a little life to an old or new bag. 14er gear like the Tactical Backpack , Lunch Cooler , IFAK Pouch, and Admin Pouch even have patches with velcro already on them that you can attach your patches to.
  2. Sewing or ironing your patches onto a jacket or vest can be a fun way to boost a boring clothing item or make for a fun gift.
  3. Adding the patches onto a blanket or quilt can make an everyday item special.
  4. A plain tote bag looks really great adorned with morale patches.
  5. Create a book or album to store and look through your patches. Velcro and felt allows for easy repositioning while sewing on the patches creates a lifelong keepsake.
The 14er Tactical Backpack is decorated with morale patches.


When moving, it is best to fold or roll out a patch display, where possible. Or, if the display is framed, wrap it in a blanket like you would a mirror and ensure that as little as possible jostling occurs during the transportation.

Now, get to work!

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