Reflective Dog Patches: Achieve Better Pet Safety with Style!

Reflective dog patches are good to have⁠—they provide better safety for your service animal.

Ever had to walk the dog in the dark? It’s not an ideal situation, but some people have schedules that limit the times when they can go out to walk their dog. Maybe they can only do it in the early morning or at nighttime.

Furthermore, many people are accompanied by service animals who must stay by their side even into the late hours. 

If you’re having this experience, then you might want to get your pooch some reflective dog patches. That’s an excellent way to up your safety game! And the patches can be stylish, too.

What Are Reflective Dog Patches?

Reflective dog patches are detachable badges that usually have a hook & loop backing. They can be stuck onto a pouch, vest or other surface that offers a good grip. Dogs can be outfitted with pet clothing that can securely hold a few reflective dog patches. 

As their name suggests, these patches are made using a reflective material. It can catch light and reflect it back. That means the patches can be highly visible even in the dark

Dog owners do have other options of safety gear for their canine companions. Possible choices include reflective dog collars, reflective dog harnesses and DIY solutions (such as crafting your own reflective dog outfit). But many people simply love the idea of using reflective dog patches.

Because they’re cool.

Your faithful canine companion deserves to walk outdoors in safety. Reflective dog patches can help with that!

Top Benefits of Reflective Service Dog Patches

Reflective dog patches are especially beneficial to service dogs, who need to attend to their owners for long hours. That can mean performing service work way into the night. The dogs can be walking with their owners outdoors in the dark on a regular basis.

Many service animals are outfitted with vests, which can easily hold service dog patches. These patches can have a practical purpose, such as warning others not to pet or disturb a working animal. You’ll also find humorous K9 morale patches like the ones in our 14erTactical collection. 

You don’t have to outfit your service dog with K9 morale patches, and US laws don’t require it. Still, we highly recommend that you get service dog patches for your furry best friend. They make the status of your dog very clear so that you don’t have to explain it again and again. And they can display specific rules that you wish to emphasize, such as: “Ask to Pet,” “No Touch No Talk” or “Do Not Separate Dog From Handler.”

If you are a disabled person who needs a service dog, then reflective dog patches can improve safety for both you and your animal. You should consider wearing reflective morale patches on your clothing as well! That offers a great boost to your safety!

Dog wears an IFAK Pouch

Improved Safety: Saving Lives with Reflective Dog Patches and a K9 IFAK Pouch

Speaking of safety, you can go one step further and get your dog to carry a K9 IFAK pouch. That’s an individual first aid kit contained in a pouch worn by your pooch. You never know when you might experience an emergency situation. Why not have essential first aid supplies at hand, strapped to your faithful companion?

You can carry an IFAK on your own person, of course. But sometimes it’s simply not practical. You may be attending a formal event where an IFAK pouch would look out of place on you, for example. But no one would complain about your service dog wearing a K9 IFAK pouch like a saddle bag.

The pouch is fairly light as well, not too much trouble for your dog to carry. What’s in a K9 IFAK pouch? Most likely, it will have tourniquets, dressings, bandages, sterile gloves and a few other items. 

You can attach reflective dog patches to the K9 IFAK pouch as well. Just be sure not to cover up any first aid decals, so the IFAK’s purpose is not obscured.

Winter Essentials for Your Dog’s Walks

While we’re on the subject of safety, let’s discuss a few safety trips for dog walking in winter. Or in cold weather, in general.

The cold affects dogs differently depending on their fur thickness. Some dogs have a nice, furry coat that offers cold protection. Others are short-haired and more vulnerable to the cold. Dog coats are a no-brainer option in such cases!

Visibility can be an issue in wintertime. You will frequently encounter obscured atmospheric conditions. Reflective dog patches can be a lifesaver on such occasions! 

You may have to perform more maintenance in the winter season. Check that the reflective patches don’t get covered up by ice, dirt or snow. Be ready to remove such debris as necessary.

Reflective Dog Patches: A Great Style Choice!

Dogs are cool. Better yet, dogs look cool! And they look even cooler with reflective patches on them! The patches are both functional and stylish.

But the best thing about them is that they provide safety without looking ugly or uncool. Safety should be prioritized, of course. Wearing something ugly is absolutely worthwhile if it improves safety for your dog and you.

Of course, if you could achieve better safety without having to make your dog wear an ugly thing, that would be ideal! Fortunately, reflective dog patches are badass and will look great on most dogs!

And since patches can be attached or detached without trouble, you can configure their placement to your liking. Basically, design the “look” of your canine pal as far as patch positioning is concerned. And if you change your mind about the design, you can easily make adjustments. 

Looking for High Quality Reflective Dog Patches?

We recommend checking out the 14er Reflective Service Dog Patches (9-pack). Now, these are cleanly designed reflective patches of sturdy construction. The embroidery includes merrow edge finishing for a professional and uniform style. This type of stitching also prevents fraying. 

The back side of each patch has a hook & loop material that provides a secure grip. The patches can be attached to a dog vest or K9 IFAK pouch very securely. 

If you need a pack of reflective service dog patches today, why not get this one? We believe you will be fully satisfied.

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