Tactical Gear: Essential Insights for 2024

We’ll discuss 2024 trends in tactical gear, tools and technology⁠—and how they matter in an everyday urban environment

2024 is poised to be a pivotal year in the popularization of tactical survival gear. As more and more people become aware of the tactical lifestyle and seek to apply it, we’re going to see greater acceptance of tactical gear in our cities. 

Rural folk have long been able to incorporate tactical gear in everyday life. That has not necessarily been the case for city dwellers, where the lifestyle can be seen as unfashionable or inappropriate. That is something which may be changing⁠—and it’s all thanks to tactical survival enthusiasts like you!

2024 Tactical Gear Trends to Expect

Tactical gear as urban wear has been a developing trend recently. We expect that it is going to become even more widespread in 2024. As the tactical community grows, we’re gonna see more and more people embracing the concept of functional wearables that accentuate one’s readiness and response time.

Tactical backpacks integrate very well with urban street fashion. While they offer the same functionality as other bags, products like the 14er Tactical Backpack also include a CCW pocket for your convenience. It’s definitely the type of backpack that will satisfy the needs of today’s “urban warrior”!

We even expect to see more people incorporating morale patches into their getups! Morale patches carry on a proud military tradition, but they are friendly and cheeky without being overly militaristic. But other tactical practitioners will recognize what they are and know that you’re part of the tribe. They’re discreet tactical wear. Morale patches give you a way to show what you are all about without being too “in your face” about it.

We also hope to see greater tactical gear innovation in 2024. Perhaps we will get tactical gear technology improvements. These could come in the form of new materials and new integrations with everyday use technologies.

Modern urban survival gear is discreet and easily blends into urban street environments.

Tactical Equipment for Cities: Modern Urban Survival Gear for Everyday Use

Anyone concerned with tactical survival will have excellent situational and environmental awareness, and will have trained to achieve a speedy response time. But you’ll also need to have the tools you need to survive. While it’s good to be resourceful with what you have, it’s better to include modern urban survival gear in your everyday carry. 

How do you go about doing that? First, you need to be realistic⁠—you can’t possibly bring every piece of gear that you own. This is all part of savvy tactical decision making. You’ve gotta assess your most likely needs and consider the potential scenarios that you might encounter. That will tell you what you need to prioritize. 

Don’t forget to consider the question of legal tactical gear use! You don’t want to run afoul of the law, right? If you are going to carry tactical gear in the form of combat knives or firearms, you’ve got to do so properly and legally. But if you’re abiding by legal tactical gear use, then feel free to carry any appropriate tactical equipment for cities.

Urban Preparedness and Discreet Tactical Wear

While we would love to see tactical gear used as appropriate wear for just about any occasion, we can’t always ensure that it will be the case. If you’re attending a business meeting, club party, wedding or some kind of private event, you are not likely to be welcomed while you’re fully decked in modern urban survival gear. Depending on the scenario, you may want to tone it down a notch!

Fortunately, a good number of products qualify as discreet tactical wear. You can attend the business meeting with your tactical backpack and its CCW pocket. Your colleagues are not likely to take notice. (Again, we must emphasize that you should only do this if it falls under legal tactical gear use.)

If we’re right about 2024 tactical gear trends, then it may soon become easier to incorporate your gear in your everyday carry. Tactical gear is becoming more widely accepted. 

Urban Tactical Gear 2024 Tips: Assessing Your Needs

Let’s consider the must-have items for urban environments. One would be an IFAK (individual first aid kit), preferably secured in a good IFAK pouch. Of all the items you’ll want to have at the ready, a first aid kit counts as the most vital. It can make all the difference between a minor medical issue and a major threat to your life.

You’ll definitely want to wear a tactical backpack as well. Be sure to get a bag that incorporates a CCW pocket. The 14er Tactical Backpack certainly does! It also provides a MOLLE system⁠—straps and fasteners on the backpack’s hide that allow for modularity of the bag’s external compartments. You can attach an IFAK pouch directly on the exterior of the 14er Tactical Backpack. That makes the deployment of first aid supplies superbly efficient!

A modular backpack such as the 14er Tactical Backpack can handily accommodate an external IFAK pouch.

Urban Tactical Gear 2024 Tips: Tactical Gear Technology

When considering the right tactical equipment for cities, we need to include technological tools and devices. Technology can assist us in planning, gear management and record keeping. This improves preparedness and efficiency. It can also keep us on top of tactical gear maintenance and resupply.

We advise you to use spreadsheet and note taking apps for record keeping. Other helpful tools include GPS devices, communications devices, location mapping tools, and a digital camera. A good smartphone can provide all of these tools in one handy package. And it’s got a flashlight, to boot!

Another vital tip: stay up-to-date on tactical gear technology. Companies are developing smart fabrics and other cool new materials. At some point, you may want to upgrade to more advanced equipment that integrates cutting edge tactical gear technology.

Urban Tactical Gear 2024 Tips: Urban Tactical Gear Maintenance

Even when made from more durable and resilient fabrics, modern urban survival gear will not enjoy high functionality without proper maintenance. Tactical gear is something you purchase with long-term use in mind. These products are built to last. But care and attentiveness will ensure their longevity even further.

The first step in urban tactical gear maintenance is proper usage and handling. While tactical products can be highly versatile, you can’t expect them to cover for every possible use-case. Be mindful of the applications of your products. Take note of the specific maintenance needs of your gear. And keep track of any resupply requirements. A first aid kit, for example, will need supplies to be changed or replenished at regular intervals.

Another important concern in urban tactical gear maintenance: storage. If you need to store something for an extended period, place it in a safe, secure and dry area where it won’t be exposed to excessive heat and other adverse conditions.

Be at top readiness this 2024. Get yourself some shiny new tactical gear! 

Preparing for 2024: Getting the Right Tactical Gear

It’s 2024 and it’s a great time to get yourself some shiny new gear! We’re taking the liberty of offering some recommendations. For something suitable to an urban lifestyle, check out the 14er Tactical Backpack. A classic backpack with military-grade quality and functionality. It’s discreet, it’s modular and it’s one sturdy piece of equipment.

You’ll definitely want a 14er Tactical IFAK Pouch to go along with your backpack. Can’t go anywhere without an IFAK, after all. 

If you are making regular visits to the shooting range, you’ll want a good range bag. In that case, 14er Tactical’s got you covered. What are your tactical needs? You may find what you’re looking for in our store. Let your friends know, too. Share this post with them and let them know that 2024’s gonna be the year they start stocking up on tactical gear!

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