The Best Tactical Backpacks For EDC

 A man wears his EDC 14er Tactical Backpack while adventuring in the outdoors


EDC, or everyday carry, describes the items that a person has chosen to always have with them. The term first originated on the forums of wilderness enthusiasts and has since exploded into a subculture that has taken preparedness to the next level.


Your EDC needs depend on your day-to-day activities, the items you know you will need on the daily, but also the ones you can’t risk not having in an emergency. Everyday carry items differ from person to person; a photographer might want to bring an extra camera battery along at all times, whereas a hunter might see more value in a firearm. The weight versus the practicality of an item should always be considered before adding it to your EDC.

Let’s not forget that every EDC needs a good home: a secure backpack that is versatile and dependable. The best tactical backpack for EDC is one that is good quality, adaptable, and spacious. Whether you want an adventure backpack or a tactical computer backpack, the best packs do it all.


  1. Wallet. Some identification and cash are fundamental.
  2. Knife. Peeling apples in public is hot. This one might seem targeted towards outdoor enthusiasts, but a knife is invaluable for anyone in an emergency.
  3. Water bottle. Stay hydrated!
  4. Smartphone. Do I need to explain this one?
  5. Portable battery. In survival situations, a charged phone could save your life. It’s also extremely convenient.
  6. Pen. A pen is essential for writing lists, reminders, and notes. Now all you need is a bottle and you’re all set to throw your message to the sea.
  7. Notepad. Writing on forearms is less convenient than you might think.
  8. Lighter. You never know when you might need to light a fire... or a candle.
  9. Small first aid kit. Just in case.
  10. Multitool. A multitool will have plenty of supplies, like pliers, that you’ll never think you’ll need, until you do. Don’t be stuck without one of these bad boys.
: A 14er Tactical Backpack for EDC is held by a man in the outdoors, his water bottle tucked into
a side pocket.


An EDC backpack can take many forms. It might be a MOLLE backpack, perfect for any adventurer, ready for your next trek into the woods. Maybe it’s the one bag travel backpack you’ll need for the next four months while backpacking through Europe. Or it’s the tactical laptop backpack that you use for school; after all, university is its own jungle. Either way, your EDC adventure backpack should be chosen carefully. You two are going to become very, very close. Your everyday carry backpack is there, day in, day out. Soon, you’ll remember all the times your pack has been there for you. You’ll think fondly of all the places you have explored together. You’ll nickname her Everyday Carrie. Okay, maybe not that last part. Please, don’t third wheel your adventure buddies.

A person’s EDC is personal and specific, and for some travellers, it means everything. Comfort. Survival. Home.

A 14er Tactical Backpack and Admin Pouch is opened to display the EDC, everyday carry,


When you live off your bag, EDC is everything. Travelling with one bag is daunting, but it is cheap and exciting for the many who dare it. It is important in onebag travel that your pack can handle the adventures that await you.


The best tactical backpack for EDC must have the following features:

  • Good quality materials: water-resistant polyester or nylon; an adventure backpack with 500D or higher is incredibly durable.
  • Comfortable, with padding and wide customizable straps. A secure backpack can make all the difference.
  • Organizational pockets are essential; an external-access laptop or tablet sleeve is another useful addition to your tactical computer backpack.
  • Spacious: ensure there is room for all the items you might need.
  • A hydration pocket: water is always a necessity.
  • MOLLE straps that allow further customization. A MOLLE backpack is ideal for adding or removing features as needed. A tactical computer backpack or tablet backpack with MOLLE webbing will have everything you need, whether you run out of room in your pack or want items easily accessible. A MOLLE backpack can be used with a number of attachments, like the IFAK and Admin Pouch, or other non-compatible accessories that can be attached using a MOLLE accessories kit.
  • Compression straps make carrying loads easier inside a secure backpack.
:A 14er Tactical Backpack for EDC sits on a bridge in the mountains, its MOLLE straps holding
gear, including the IFAK Pouch and rope.

We have what might be your best tactical backpack for EDC, a black tactical backpack with all the specs, including a nice pocket for your sunglasses.

The black tactical backpack is made of 600D water-resistant polyester with ballistic nylon straps. It has MOLLE webbing and variety of organizational compartments, including space for a tablet or laptop with external and internal zipper pockets, not to mention compression straps. The black tactical backpack has side panels to carry water and a large 35L capacity.

The best tactical backpack for EDC meets all your needs – with that taken care of, now all you need is to find your next adventure.

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