Unlocking the Versatility of Your 14er Tactical Range Bag: More Than Just a Shooting Accessory

When you think about it, there’s something timelessly cool in the design and utility of that tactical standard: the range bag. It is one handy solution that meets a fairly specific need, while remaining flexible enough to allow for versatile uses beyond shooting. Many alternative uses, in fact. Any tactical mind is bound to appreciate that.

What Is a Range Bag Primarily Designed For?

A range bag isn’t just any bag. This is a carrying bag for your shooting gear, and it is designed and manufactured for that purpose. It needs to be able to transport guns and ammo safely, preferably in an organized manner.

Readiness and attention to detail are among the key characteristics of the tactical mindset. Having the right equipment for the right purpose comes with these attitudes. That’s why you’ll want a range bag⁠—it is purpose-built to secure shooting gear in the proper manner, so that everything is in its right place. 

A range bag will have compartments and storage solutions designed for carrying ammo and firearms. Thus the size and capacity of the range bag matters. The bag should be durable, with sturdy straps and handles. It should be able to handle the weight of your gear without strain.

Did someone forget to bring ear protection? That wouldn’t happen if you used a range bag and kept a packing checklist!

How to Pack a Range Bag

Before heading to the shooting range, you’ll want to make a checklist of shooting gear and accessories to bring. Preferably, you’ll want all of these items to fit comfortably into your range bag.

What are you gonna pack? Firearms and ammo are at the top of the list, of course. You’ll also want to pack some protective gear. That means ear protection and eye protection, and possibly gloves. Pack some shooting targets as well, as some ranges jack up the prices on the items they carry. The frugal tactician pre-purchases their targets at a better rate!

Those items are the essentials. You might want to pack other things as well, including a multi-tool, binoculars, speed loader, gun lubricating oil and an individual first aid kit (IFAK). We suggest that you pack the IFAK separately in an IFAK pouch for speedier deployment in an emergency.

Can You Repurpose a Range Bag?

A range bag may or may not work a multi-functional bag. It is crafted for a specific purpose, and that’s what you want⁠—a bag that performs its primary purpose satisfactorily (or better). 

But you can get a multi-functional range bag, one with flexibility in design to allow versatile uses. Such a bag will have storage solutions that are highly suitable for firearms, but still able to transport other items securely as well.

A range bag can be ideal for many purposes beyond shooting, given its quality and durability. That means it can work fine as your travel companion for rugged outdoor environments or long-term everyday carry. You can even use a range bag as an emergency kit. And if you do want to carry a firearm as well, no problem (as long as you’re doing so legally, of course).

Going camping? You can repurpose a range bag to use it on your outdoor adventures.

Using a Range Bag on Outdoor Adventures

For a serious mountaineering expedition, we do recommend that you use a tactical backpack or mountaineering pack. You’ll get better functionality from a backpack that is purpose-built for use in outdoor adventures. 

Nevertheless, a range bag can substitute well enough in many instances. Going on a camping trip that involves an easy hike? Pack your things in a range bag and do it! Planning on a hunting trip? A range bag makes a lot of sense for an outing of that sort.

Let’s make a list of outdoors activities where a range bag can come in handy:

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Outdoor workout


Using a Range Bag For Daily Tasks

Can a range bag be an everyday carry bag? Absolutely. Many range bags are designed and built in a way that makes the bag compatible for daily use. 

As a gym bag: You can fit your gym clothes in there, as well as a towel, fitness snacks and a water bottle. If you’re often going to the fitness center and the shooting range, this could be a convenient option for you. 

As a work bag: You can pack your files, work materials and technological devices, including your laptop. We do recommend putting it inside a laptop sleeve, though. 

As your everyday carry bag: Transport your everyday essentials securely. Work stuff, lifestyle stuff, useful items like sunglasses and sunscreen, technological devices again, photography equipment, and so on. You can carry pretty much anything you need for going about your daily tasks.

As a handy travel companion: A range bag can function as your carry-on luggage on the plane. It’s also good to bring along on a road trip! Pack your first aid kit, water, snacks, reading material, headphones, sleeping aids, and so on. With a range bag as your travel companion, you’ll know that your belongings are well protected against the elements as well as petty theft (crooks can’t easily slash into a range bag).

A range bag helps you be well organized while keeping your belongings safe and secure. That makes it ideal for many purposes beyond shooting gear transport.

Using a Range Bag as an Emergency Kit

Due to its durability, a range bag can make for a great emergency kit. Depending on the bag, you may want to combine it with several IFAK pouches to keep your equipment well organized. In an emergency, you want to find what you need quickly. Be sure to label everything you pack simply and clearly.

Our blog has several articles that can help you prepare a first-class emergency kit. We recommend that you check out these articles:

Choosing the Right Range Bag For You

By now, you’ve seen the merits of getting a range bag. It’s great for its purpose, but also multi-functional to a degree. You can repurpose it beyond shooting range equipment carry. It can be your travel companion or support you in running daily tasks and errands. It’s also an option for protecting your gear on outdoor adventures.

The 14er Range Bag is a well-reviewed tactical product that users have described as “built very well and durable” and a “very sturdy bag.” It provides secure and ample storage solutions for three or more handguns. It is lightweight but strong. The bag is made from thick 600D polyester that is water resistant and puncture resistant.

If you’re looking for a dependable range bag, check it out! We are sure you’ll be very satisfied!


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