"Really impressed with this little pack. Suitable for every day hard use."

- B. Gaskey, IFAK Customer

14er IFAK Pouch



Product Details

14er Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch is your go to pouch for quick access to your emergency medical supplies. This pouch is perfect for daily work as a first responder or to be ready for the unexpected on a weekend camping trip.

Tear Away Design for Rapid Deployment

The 14er IFAK Pouch will always be ready in case of emergency. The IFAK Pouch can be mounted to a duty belt, any gear, or vehicle seat back using the MOLLE mounting base with snap straps. The tear-away pouch can be rapidly deployed using the pull handle to rip away from the hook & loop mounting base.

Emergency Supply Security

You will be ready to “stop the bleed” with bottom mounted elastic tourniquet (TQ) straps. The internal, multi-directional bungee straps allow for secure stowing of all emergency first aid gear. Lay-flat design and YKK zippers with sheathed paracord pulls ensure that you will have quick access at critical times.


  • Materials: 1000D Puncture & Water Resistant Polyester. Ballistic Nylon Straps. YKK Zippers.
  • Dimensions: 4.5”H x 7.5”W x 2.5”D
  • Weight: 6.4 oz (180 g)
  • Package Includes: IFAK Pouch, Mounting Base, 2x Snap Straps, Red Pull Handle Indicator, Logo Patch, Medic Patch

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14er IFAK Pouch



What Are People Saying About 14er IFAK Pouch?

Customer Reviews

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Took its sweet time to get here

I live about 10 minutes from the company, yet my IFAK took more than a month to get here, because it shipped from California… And here I was trying to support a Canadian brand.

The pouch is fine, The back hook and loop is way to big for the need and to my taste stitched backwards. I prefer the loop to remain on the pouch rather than how it is right now (hooks on the pouch) which has a tendency to grab everything around. The stitching is OK, but there are a few spots where it appears to be weak and there are loose treads. Overall the material used is good. The inside offers many ways to store items, which is nice. The pull tabs are paracords, they are wrapped in shrink tune, so easy to pull. Zipper is WKK, but sewn right side up, so it is not protected. The tear up handle should be on one side, especially with the amount of hook and loop holding it. The central handle makes it easier to use from both sides, but you have to grab it at on end to use a lever motion. Not a big deal, but still. Overall a good IFAK for the price, but it needs a 2.0 to correct a few things.

Greg Chamberlain
It's a nice pouch, but there are some things that would make it 100-200% better...

I purchased this IFAK pouch mostly because I like that it was a tear away, and that notion that it holds a bit more stuff, and remains a compact size works for me. But I have some issues that I think 14 Tactical could address as a company with the design.

First off as a tear away pouch it has a retaining strap to keep the pouch in place. Why one earth so much hook and loop? You stand a better chance at tear the pouch open and having things fall out, then you would tear the pouch away from the holder. The hook and loop is way too strong and or way too much to be able to grab the pull loop and pull it off the base. I cant believe that 14tactical has not sought to make this feature work better. by using less Velcro.

I wound up taking backers from moral patches, and putting that on the back in an effort to get a pouch that is a tear away. So now if I need to pull the pouch its a simple matter of unsnapping the retainer strap, and grabbing the pull handle to pull that pouch away if need be.

Next, I also store a CAT tourniquet in the exterior bottom straps. I find that feeding the TQ into them can be a bit of a chore, but it can be done. I also realize that over time those strap might stretch a bit more and become a bit more loose. That would allow for an easier insertion of a tourniquet in my opinion.

Lastly, I'm mad that you guys didn't choose to make this pouch in Multi Camo. But I can't give you a 5 star rate because of the issues it has when trying to prep or deploy it.

Great for small spots!

Currently run this on the lower back portion of my belt set-up. Dimensions of the pouch keep it clear of my carrier. Solid, small IFAK pouch.

Brian Jin

Very happy with the super fast delivery and the updates on everything thanks guys for putting out a great product

Miles Grant
Great product

Seems well built....attached to my battle belt easy.....can wait to put to test