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We are named for a mountain summit that stretches higher than 14,000 feet above sea level.  A 14er (four-teen-er) is the highest and often most admired peak in a mountain range. However the 14er Tactical legend began, ironically, much closer to sea level in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was here in 2018 that a travel and adventure enthusiast resolved to develop a line of military inspired, high-performance outdoor gear. Soon thereafter, 14er Tactical was created to cater to adventurers.


All of our products are designed and tested in Canada. We believe that the terrain and extreme conditions of the Canadian North provide an ideal proving ground for equipment that can survive here in North America and around the world.


We strive to create gear that helps you to reach new heights on all of your adventures.  Whether your adventure is as a weekend warrior, in your daily pursuits, or in an overseas deployment - we have you covered.  Although our day to day consists of designing and manufacturing gear for you, we still believe that 14er Tactical is a company built to inspire you to continue IN PURSUIT OF ADVENTURE!

Our mission is simple:

To make you the most well prepared and versatile adventurer in the field with peak quality outdoor gear.

14er Tactical.  Take the High Ground