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It’s a fact that laptops are valuable, and not only because of their price tag. Inside your laptop is my work, your memories, your life. A worse fact: like any piece of high-value technology, laptops are easier to damage than we think. From dropping it, crushing it, banging it, overheating it, or drenching it⁠—whether that be from rain or this morning’s coffee—we should ensure that our laptop is protected from the worst-case scenario. If you’re like me and carry your laptop everyday, everywhere, that worst-case scenario isn’t so unlikely, and the chances only build with time and use. You might find yourself frequently buying a new laptop, repairing your laptop, or loosing everything you’ve stored on it. When that includes your life’s work as a photographer or two years of thesis work, you cannot afford to take a chance. While there are preventive measures you can take, like those I provide below, the risks aren’t always preventable. Always backup everything. Just in case.


Some use a tactical backpack just for the style—and I think this is a great reason all on its own. But if you need a little more convincing, here are some reasons I think a tactical computer backpack is the best option:
  • Since the best tactical backpack is synonymous with a military laptop backpack, you know that you are getting the best quality possible. The durability of these bags is dependent on in the most dangerous war zones, so you know they will get you through anything … even university.
  • Other backpacks do not have the support needed to carry heavy loads: the best tactical backpacks can bear the weight of your laptop and more. Find a bag with shoulder, waist, and sternum straps to assure that you, not just your stuff, is well cared for.
  • A MOLLE laptop backpack allows the bag to be entirely customizable, so that extra features, like an IFAK , can be attached in a way that is visible and easily accessible. A MOLLE laptop backpack is useful for, say, a bug out bag, range bag, or everyday carry.

tactical computer backpack


best tactical laptop backpack

  • The best tactical laptop backpack should have a separate compartment for the rest of your computer accessories, such as chargers, USBs, notebooks, and a mouse. This will protect both your laptop and the accessories themselves from damage.
  • The bag should be made from a water-resistant, light, and most importantly, durable fabric.
  • Look for a tactical computer backpack with a size suitable to your needs.
  • A quality zipper will both ensure the longevity of your bag and the ease of use. I would recommend a bag that has a separate zipper for your laptop, allowing easy access.
  • Check that the straps are adjustable. First, adjust the strap around your hips, as it should support the majority of the weight. Next come the shoulder straps, which should sit so that two fingers can be inserted between the bag and your shoulder. Last, adjust the sternum strap.
  • A MOLLE laptop backpack will allow for customization.
  • A military laptop backpack with a lifetime warranty is always a good idea.
The best tactical laptop backpack for me is the 14er Tactical Backpack . It checks all these boxes and more.


  • Unless your backpack is completely waterproof, including from the inside, you need to use a waterproof protective case, like this one. Even more, the case provides extra protection against the battle scars the laptop might receive during travel. Do not use the wrong sized case: this can actually increase the chances that your laptop will become damaged.
  • Be careful with your backpack: your laptop, and your bank account, will thank you for it.
  • Ensure that your tactical computer backpack has its own sleeve: this protects it from the rest of the contents of your bag. Inside the 14er Tactical Backpack , the laptop sleeve is suspended inside so that your laptop will not hit the ground when the bag is set down.
  • Shutting down your laptop during travel is one preventive measure against overheating.
  • Make use of a screen guard .

best tactical backpack


  • Heavy items should be placed at the bottom of your military laptop backpack and lighter items towards the top.
  • Balance the weight of your pack without leaning more towards the left or right to help prevent injuries.
  • Make a place for everything in your backpack to avoid carrying unnecessary items and to find the items you need fast.
  • Use the outer pockets of your backpack for items that you use frequently, otherwise, you’ll be surrounded by stuff in the middle of your local supermarket, digging for car keys.


  • Utilize your backpacks side entry zipper for easy access to your laptop and other electronics, which is helpful while moving through airport security.
  • Ensure your travel documents and passport are placed in a secure, internal zippered pocket.
  • Make sure liquids are placed in a sealable plastic bag or container to prevent spillage.
  • Locking your backpack is an easy way to ensure none of your valuables inside are stolen.
  • Place the items you will need to access quickly, at the top of the bag so that you don’t have to destroy your packing job just to get that Clif Bar floating around the bottom of your bag.

14er tactical laptop backpack
Good luck out there!

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Wayne Burkinshaw
Wayne Burkinshaw

What are the largest fiscal dimensions of a laptop that will fit in the backpack

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