Quality Gear vs. Cheap Alternatives: A Complete Analysis for Value and Longevity

When it comes to purchasing tactical gear, quality is always a factor. Yet that doesn’t mean that price isn’t something to consider. To be honest, the whole “quality gear vs cheap gear” argument is a bit inaccurate. A high price is not always an indicator of better.

That’s why it makes sense to do your own assessment. The value of quality gear is not determined by a mere price tag. However, it is fair to expect that cheaper gear will have missing amenities or fewer quality of life features. A lower price tag is often achieved by cutting corners somewhere!


You can focus more on having fun when you’re equipped with high-quality gear you can depend on.

Is Expensive Hiking Gear Worth It?

Again, you need to make your own assessment. That’s simply part of being a tactical planner. But generally speaking, an appraisal of “expensive” hiking gear should factor in longevity. If you account for how long the gear will last, the price may not seem so high. The durability of high-quality gear can easily make up for the higher upfront cost.

You also need to think about how it feels to use the gear. Equipment that causes undue discomfort may not be worth the savings of a few bucks! Comfort and high-quality gear may be, in a sense, a luxury. But it can definitely be worth it!

Why Is Hiking Gear So Expensive?

When you’re checking out outdoor gear, you might wonder why hiking equipment seems fairly expensive. It’s easy to forget that these aren’t items for everyday carry. These are specialized pieces of equipment made for a specific function.

A hiking backpack has to withstand various weather conditions, dust, heat, dampness, strain, rugged environments and rough handling. Out in the wilderness is where you’ll observe the performance benefits of quality gear. A cheap rucksack may soon deteriorate in the harsh outdoors. A high-quality tactical backpack can prove dependable over many hiking adventures. That’s why investing in quality gear can be important. You don’t want your equipment failing you when you’re out in the wild with no easy way to replace your bag.

A tactical backpack combines quality and functionality in the best way, and offers customizability, too!

What Are the Long-Term Cost Implications of Choosing Cheap Gear Over High-Quality Gear?

While you may want your gear to be high-quality, you can’t deny that frugality matters, too. Why should you spend more than you need to? The tricky part is determining when you should spend more, because the cost-effectiveness of high-quality gear will prove more frugal in the long run.

Quality becomes more crucial in the case of gear that will be subjected to rough conditions. That’s certainly the case with hiking backpacks and other types of tactical gear

Safety and Quality Gear: Why It Remains a Top Priority

Safety is another important concern. You’ll want your tent to protect you from the elements. You’ll want outdoor clothing that prevents too much heat loss. You’ll want ropes that won’t break easily. Even a sturdy backpack matters. A damaged bag can lead to the loss of items you rely on for wilderness survival.

Saving costs on gear doesn’t mean much if it leads to higher risk of failure or even injury. That’s gonna cost you for sure! Even having to give up on a hike due to equipment failure can be a major loss. It’s certainly wasted time at the very least.

Once you make such a risk assessment, you can better appreciate the long-term savings with quality gear. 

Safety and high quality gear are your top priority. Keep your stuff secure. You don’t want to lose your things!

How Does the Quality of Gear Impact Its Performance?

You would expect quality equipment to use high-quality materials and show high-quality construction. That’s what you should look for when investing in quality gear. Of course, you can take this one step further and test the gear’s performance. 

That might not be easy to test, however, when dealing with stuff like tactical backpacks. The performance benefits of quality gear may only be evident after long-term use in such cases. A backpack’s performance is measured in durability and longevity.

But generally speaking, if a piece of equipment is made from sturdy, high-quality materials, you can expect more dependable performance. A warranty provides additional assurance of the durability of high-quality gear. A 14er Tactical Backpack is sold with a lifetime warranty. That’s practically a guarantee of great quality!

Can High-Quality Gear Enhance the User's Experience?

You’ll enjoy the extra value of quality gear when it comes to your comfort and convenience. It’s like the difference between flying economy and flying business class. They both give you what you need, but business class comes with better comfort, better options, etc.

Quality gear and enhanced experience⁠—that’s your expectation. In the case of a backpack, that can come in the form of comfortable straps and support for customization. Take the 14er Tactical Backpack, for example. Its built-in modularity allows you to add or remove compartments depending on your needs. 

High quality gear offers greater comfort and convenience for your next outdoor adventure!

Tips for Picking the Right Gear for You

While quality is a primary factor in selecting equipment, you do have several more things to consider. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to choosing the right product for you!

The size and fit of the gear is very important. Don’t select something based on appearance alone. Try it out. See whether its size, form and weight suits you well. 

When it comes to choosing a backpack, you’ll want to see how it can be used to organize your belongings. You should choose a backpack that will allow you to organize your stuff securely and efficiently. A tactical backpack is ideal for this, due to its modularity.

For outdoors adventuring gear, you would do well to choose water resistant products. You can expect that you’ll end up hiking in the rain every now and then. 

For guides on finding the right products for various uses (hiking, prepping, first aid, working out, everyday carry), be sure to check out the 14er Tactical resources blog. You’ll find all kinds of articles that can help you in making a smart purchase decision.

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