The Importance of Durability in Choosing The Right Tactical Backpack

Toughness and durability are key qualities of the 14er Tactical Backpack.

Toughness is key to the tactical lifestyle. You’d want toughness to be a quality of your tactical gear, too, right? That makes a lot of sense!

You definitely want your tactical backpack to be a durable one. You’re carrying your stuff in it, after all. The tougher the bag, the better it protects your belongings. A backpack that quickly suffers wear and tear is bound to invite damage eventually.

Let others choose to buy a backpack based on look and style. You’ll want to make a decision based on its utility and durability.

Choosing the Best Durable Backpack

Where to begin when looking for a tactical backpack with enough durability? You can start by thinking of what the backpack is for. Will you be wanting a hiking backpack for your outdoor adventure? Or do you require a bag for your everyday carry needs⁠—an EDC backpack?

You can get a bag specifically designed for the planned activity. For example, if you want a hiking backpack, you can check out mountaineering packs. If you want an EDC backpack, you can browse the urban lifestyle section of the store. But we believe there’s a better option.

The tactical backpack can be almost anything you want it to be. You can make it your travel, sport, hiking or EDC backpack. Bags like the 14er Tactical Backpack are highly customizable, letting you rearrange the compartments and pouches⁠—or even remove them to streamline things.

The benefits of a durable tactical backpack are undeniable. It offers greater longevity, protection, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

The tactical backpack makes a durable EDC backpack.

The Tactical Backpack: Durable Yet Flexible

The classic tactical backpack is based on the military rucksack design. And like military gear, endurance is a priority in its construction. We’re talking about a bag with multiple components that can be moved around, detached or reattached. That equates to more ways for parts of it to get damaged.

That’s the cost of having flexibility, though⁠—except we don’t accept that! A tactical backpack can be modular, customizable and still highly durable. That’s a vital characteristic for this type of bag, since any weakness in its body, straps or external webbing can lead to a major problem for you.

Don’t settle for less. Get a tactical backpack that’s durable as hell! Check out the 14er Tactical Backpack with its MOLLE system for customizability. You get more compartments to play with, and each piece is engineered for toughness! They’ll last through rugged conditions, inclement weather and countless hours of carrying a lot of weight. That helps the tactical backpack prove its durability in many different situations.

Best Features for a Durable Backpack

The toughness of a tactical backpack begins with its material. The fabric should be durable but not heavy, since weight is a key concern. Look for a bag made from a strong lightweight material such as nylon, polyethylene or polyester. These fabrics offer resilience along with weather resistance, while being easy to clean.

The material needs to be thick and sturdy enough to prevent it from getting punctured easily. Ideally, it can provide a water repellent surface that will help your belongings stay dry even when you’re out in the rain. The straps, fasteners and zippers should be of superb quality.

Let’s see how the 14er Tactical Backpack stands up. This backpack is made from 600D polyester, with a fabric weight whose degree of thickness provides good puncture resistance. The fabric is water resistant as well. The straps are of ballistic nylon⁠—the kind of stuff that paratroopers rely on! And the zippers are classic YKK fasteners, known for their quality construction. That’s a proper tactical backpack for sure!

The tactical backpack also makes for a sturdy hiking bag.

On the Road with Your Backpack

With a suitably durable backpack, you can go for the one bag travel lifestyle! That means packing everything into one bag for your trip. A tactical backpack is ideal for this concept, as it offers modularity and functionality in one resilient package. It can serve as a travel backpack or hiking backpack as you require.

A tactical backpack offers enough room for everything you need to bring. If you think you need more room, you can add compartments to the bag. You can keep the contents smartly organized for tactical efficiency. Having a proper place for every piece of gear will make you feel prepared and ready to face the rigors of travel.

Maintaining good hydration is vital to hiking and traveling. Your tactical backpack will have an external pocket or sleeve for holding a water container. See the 14er Tactical Backpack, which has an external sleeve that can fit a 2.5L hydration bladder. Zippered interior pouches ensure that your items are securely stored and properly separated⁠—not all jumbled together.

Proper Maintenance for Your Tactical Backpack

To best ensure the longevity of your bag, you should perform regular maintenance. A durable backpack will last even longer if you clean and maintain it. This is not a difficult task at all, so you should do it! That’s the smart tactical approach!

First, you’ll need some cleaning tools. Get a couple of fabric brushes, one with soft bristles and one with tougher bristles. You’ll also need a small amount of mild soap. You can use dishwashing soap (like Dawn or Ivory) diluted with water. 

Clean your backpack using the brushes. Be sure to scrape off dirt, mud and other debris. Wipe off any spots and stains with a wet cloth dabbed with mild soap. 

The next step is to rinse the backpack using a fresh wet cloth. Then let it dry. We recommend letting it air dry in an open space as it hangs upside-down.

Examine the backpack for loose threads and burn them off. Finally, apply a waterproofing spray to the fabric. While your backpack is water resistant, you’ll greatly benefit from an extra layer of protection.

A durable tactical backpack is your best friend on the road!

Storage Tips for Your Tactical Backpack

Proper storage also boosts the longevity of your backpack. Even a highly durable pack may face deterioration if it is stored under horrible conditions. Treat your gear well, and your gear will treat you well!

Your backpack should be kept in dry storage. Do not leave it in a moist environment. That would invite mold to form on the bag! 

Good ventilation is recommended. Find a storage space that allows air flow. Otherwise, you can end up with a musty-smelling backpack. 

Avoid stressing the backpack material with unnecessary tension in storage. You don’t want it to be weighted down by its contents for ages. Hang it up empty. 

Got any more tips for enhancing the durability of tactical gear? We’d love to hear from you!

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