When you think of tactical gear, you probably think of military equipment and tools that aid soldiers in their missions during wartime. Tactical equipment has existed for thousands of years. However, its objective remains the same: to be the ideal equipment for assisting in unpredictable scenarios and surviving high-stress environments. This is why law enforcement and first responders also use tactical gear daily.

Nowadays, many civilians use tactical equipment and gear for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and trekking. The general public's awareness of the various applications for tactical gear has led to a surge in demand in recent years. Many tactical products have emerged and they are still evolving to meet people's demands.


There are a lot of attributes that make gear "tactical". A good Tactical Backpack should have a lot of storage inside and flexibility on the outside. Plenty of space is important to have enough room to carry any equipment or items needed during the job or trip. The backpack should have good internal design for smart and secure equipment organization, just like in our 14er Tactical Backpack.

Good tactical gear should also be adaptable enough to allow the user to reach for their belongings in any situation. One great example would be having a Tactical Pouch like a 14er IFAK Pouch that has a tear-away design that is perfect for quick access to your emergency supplies.

14er Tactical Backpack


Unlike in the past, when tactical gear was only used by the military, it is now widely used and seen as practical, functional, and able to stand up the abuse of the daily grind. Tactical Gear comes in a variety of forms, including outerwear, backpacks, electronics, and even morale patches, which are frequently found displayed on various gear, clothes, and patch boards.

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