Why Our Range Bag Should Be Your Range Bag

The 14erTactical Range Bag is a great example of a range bag that offers versatility in usage.

A range bag is a smart thing to have, tactically speaking. Many gun ranges have rules against entry with a loose firearm. You need to holster or bag your firearm before going in. That means you’d be wise to use a range bag!

The ideal range bag excels at providing convenience and modularity. Can your tactical bag do that? Interested in checking out a better, higher quality range bag? We’re here to talk about that.

We’ve asked gun owners what they look for in a range bag. They’ve told us that they want something that lets them easily organize their range supplies, so they know where everything is and won’t lose track of anything. They’ve also said they prefer a tactical bag that can be used to hold many different types of guns, ammo and accessories⁠—and serve other purposes as well. Which means that the best range bag should be fully customizable.

And that’s what the 14erTactical Range Bag offers. It’s highly versatile and can be more than simply a range bag.

Range bags are convenient for carrying all your gun range essentials, from firearms to ammo to accessories and supplies.

Tactical and Organized

To have a tactical mind, you need to be organized and efficient. Your gear should always be properly secured and well-organized wherever you go. Adhering to these principles will ensure that you develop the habits of the tactically focused. Readiness and preparedness are the name of the game. The habit of being organized will naturally hone those qualities.

A good tactical bag contributes greatly to smart organization. The 14erTactical Range Bag is designed with that in mind. It provides compartments suitable for carrying three or more handguns, and additional compartments for holding ammunition, accessories or personal effects. While the list of gun range essentials may vary, you’ll generally want to include a first aid kit, eye and ear protection, cleaning supplies and extra ammo.

Packing a range bag can be troublesome if you’ve got all that range equipment. Having multiple range bag compartments makes it easier to organize it all. The 14erTactical Range Bag takes organization to the next level by allowing you to customize the compartments to suit your needs. How does it do that? By supporting the MOLLE system.

The MOLLE System

MOLLE is an acronym meaning “Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment.” That’s a mouthful, but the concept is easy to swallow. It refers to gear made with built-in support for physical reconfiguration of its components⁠—mainly compartments and pouches.

A tactical bag with MOLLE is adaptable to a variety of purposes. If you need more compartments, then you can add them on securely. They’ll be held in place firmly.

If you prefer a leaner carry, then you can detach the compartments and pouches you don’t need. The tactical bag can be streamlined in accordance with your purposes.

The 14erTactical Range Bag with its MOLLE system lets you attach or detach extra pouches or gear on the sides. This is a great advantage when you’re determined to be organized and tactically ready. Everyone has their own way of organizing things. The 14erTactical Range Bag grants you the freedom to put your preferred organizational system into action.

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14er Gun Range Bag

Durable and Protective Exterior

When choosing the right range bag for you, examine the material used in its construction. You’ll want something made from a durable material. It needs to be fairly lightweight, so it won’t hamper you or slow you down. But it must also provide a protective function. It must be able to prevent damage to your things even when the bag is subjected to rough handling.

A good range bag will protect your supplies from humidity, moisture and dust. It will keep rain from messing up the interior. The 14erTactical Range Bag is made from durable polyester that is water resistant and puncture resistant. That’s what you’re looking for in a range bag.

The straps and components of the bag need to be just as sturdy. You don’t want to be shoulder carrying your range bag only for the strap to break or come loose! The fasteners and snaps should be high quality as well. 

How do you know if a company makes long-lasting range bags? See if they offer a lifetime warranty on their gear. That’s a sure sign of a company that stands by the quality of their products.

Range Bag Alternative Uses: Hiking / Camping Bag and EDC

The name “range bag” calls to mind images of pistols and ammo, but these bags can do so much more than carry shooting equipment. Let’s look at the different possible uses of range bags for alternative purposes.

One popular option is using it as a hiking / camping bag. The 14erTactical Range Bag is tough and rugged, well-suited to taking on an outdoor trek. Its water resistant material will keep your things clear and dry. Modular pouch design lets you add more compartments or lighten your load, depending on your needs.

Another great option is using it as an EDC (everyday carry) bag. It’s got more than enough room to hold everyday essentials, including an IFAK pouch, a laptop and personal effects. And a handgun, of course, kept within easy reach.

That’s what’s great about range bags. They offer versatility in function, which means you get more than you paid for!

Liven up your range bag with awesome and badass morale patches!

Tactical Patches for Your Range Bag

You can add personality to your range bag by attaching tactical patches. Choose funny, badass or functional morale patches. Pick something with attitude, to signal your toughness. Or pick a cool patch sporting a pop culture reference. Top Gun, maybe?

Going outdoors with a hiking / camping bag? A few tactical patches can lift up everyone’s spirits. When you’re feeling beat from hours of trekking, a glance at a funny patch can do wonders for morale.

The gun range is another place where you might want a morale boost. Tactical patches serve as a reminder to get into the right poise and mindset. They’ll make great conversation pieces, too! Check out this pack of awesome 14erTactical morale patches to put on your tactical bag.

Got your range bag and tactical patches? Ready to pack for the range? We’ve got a handy guide on how to pack range bag essentials

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