Why You Need Some Top Gun Patches

Our collection of Top Gun patches⁠—they’re fun and badass!

Top Gun: Maverick blasted into theaters in summer 2022, making big waves. The Tom Cruise blockbuster has been credited for shaking US cinema out of ithe pandemic’s stay-at-home fever. More than that, Maverick made military tactics cool again, after years of being overshadowed by superheroes and Star Wars.

Tactical enthusiasts, this is your pop culture baby. Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick not only showcase military badassery but also the give-it-your-all attitude that fuels courageous deeds. As much as tactical training is about readiness and mental acuity, it’s also about unwavering motivation.

That’s why sporting Top Gun patches can deliver that sweet morale boost! They’re a reminder of the film and a way to kickstart the Maverick attitude of being the very best at what you do!

Just Why Is Top Gun So Popular Anyway?

We can’t talk about Top Gun: Maverick without looking back at the original 1986 film, a top-grossing film in its day. While movie star Tom Cruise surely helped boost ticket sales, it was the thrilling aerial combat that proved the true box office draw. Top Gun was the kind of film that people would watch again and again, simply because nothing else captured such dazzling air-to-air dogfight action.

That is, not until Top Gun: Maverick kicked down the door and stormed in. The acclaimed sequel is a tour de force of aerial stunts pushed to the limit. Tom Cruise is world famous for doing his own daredevil stunts. He lends authenticity to the scenes of pulling Gs in fighter jets. The US Navy provided the fighter planes alongside military experts whose advice added extra realism to the dynamic air action.

No wonder both Top Gun films are so beloved! And when folks see you wearing our Top Gun morale patches, they’ll know you’ve got good taste! 

Top Gun drove up US Navy recruitment numbers.

What Is the Influence of the Top Gun Movie?

The original Top Gun was a love letter to the US Navy’s air squadrons. It did bring up recruitment numbers, with the US Navy claiming a 500% increase (though other sources suggest that the actual figure is closer to 8%). But the bulk of the movie’s influence was cultural⁠—in defining the image of a military “bad boy” who’s cool and competent, while also clean cut.

Tom Cruise embodied that image for many years. As he got older, he drifted away from that image and became, for a while, a bit of a joke. But a whole decade of performing real stunts in Mission Impossible films earned him new respect with audiences. All of a sudden, Cruise again fit the mold of a cool, cocky yet clean cut tactical badass.

Top Gun has surely helped put tactical style on everyone’s radar. The flight jackets, the aviator sunglasses and, of course, the military morale patches. They epitomize a military hotshot image that will never go out of fashion.

Top Gun: How It Paved the Way for Menswear Today

The Top Gun: Maverick poster depicts Tom Cruise in a military haircut with a brazen cowlick that signifies “attitude.” He’s in a Naval flight suit sporting military morale patches and wearing classic Ray-Bans. All of these items have become icons of manly style.

You might remember the original Top Gun having a famous image of Tom Cruise with actress Kelly McGillis, his love interest. In the picture, he’s wearing a parka that displays several cool, funny and awesome patches. Top Gun: Maverick has a scene of Tom Cruise on a motorbike with Jennifer Connelly, and once again he shows off his military morale patches.

(14erTactical patches capture that same irreverent but combat-ready energy, as seen in a snazzy collection of Top Gun morale patches. Just thought you’d wanna know!)

Top Gun Patches Show Off Your Fashion, Intelligence, Coolness and Humor!

Who wouldn’t want to project that Maverick edge? Cocky, tough, sharp and tactical, boyish yet manly. Know what communicates that? Style and outerwear. Yes, clothes are communication! They make your image.

But going for a straightlaced military fit doesn’t quite cut it. It comes off as too strong, too serious. You wanna show that you know how to have fun. You can do that with 14erTactical patches!

Check out our sweet set of Top Gun patches! Full of callbacks to the film, and including call sign badges for Maverick and Goose. Show that you’re blazing down the Highway to the Danger Zone!

Maverick poster displays military style and military morale patches.

Maverick poster displays military style and military morale patches.

Top Gun Patches Make Great Gifts for Aviators!

Got a buddy who loves to fly? Get him the Top Gun themed 14erTactical patches! You just know that an aviator’s gonna love a movie that makes flying look so badass⁠—and they’ll love the Top Gun patches that celebrate the film!

Maybe your buddy already likes to wear military morale patches. That’s even better! You’re giving him fun new badges to add to his collection. Anyone who’s into tactical patches is sure to appreciate this great gift.

Top Gun morale patches also make a fine gift for any fan of the movie. Even kids! It’s never too early to get into tactical gear!


Beyond Morale Patches: Getting the Maverick Look

While morale patches are a key element of the Maverick look, they don’t stand alone. It’s surprisingly easy to get Tom Cruise’s style to work for you. All you’ve got to do is put together several classic items that you can find without trouble. (This Vanity Fair piece provides a decent shopping list!)

You can start with a military style jumpsuit, let’s say something in an Army Green. Throw a leather jacket on top of that. Or maybe a parka or a flight jacket. You’re going for that rugged, manly appeal.

Of course, you’ve got to get a military style haircut. Nothing too severe. You want something that looks smart but also playful. 

 Then put on aviator sunglasses, preferably classic Ray-Ban shades. That really sells the look.

 Don’t forget the morale patches! Choose your favorites and attach them to your jacket. That completes the Maverick look. Next step, sign up for flight training… maybe join the Navy!

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