Bringing the Maverick Mentality to Adventure in 2023

The Maverick Mentality lets you bring the derring-do of Top Gun’s hero into your tactical lifestyle.

The incredible success of Top Gun Maverick has inspired many to emulate Tom Cruise’s hotshot fighter pilot. You’ll even see folks with backpacks sporting Top Gun Maverick patches with quotes like “I Feel the Need, the Need for Speed” and “This Is What I Call a Target-Rich Environment.”

You may be wondering, does it really make sense for Maverick quotes to appear on tactical patches? Does some loose cannon Navy pilot make a good role model for the tactical minded?

That’s a good question! Let’s take a closer look at what the “Maverick Mentality” entails.

What Is the Maverick Mentality?

Maverick is a compelling character who commands your attention. Whether you agree or disagree with his tactics, you can’t deny that he’s got attitude in spades. That’s why he often clashes with others⁠—but it’s also what drives him get the job done.

Maverick’s go-for-it mentality is what inspires us. While it can be fun to watch him do reckless stunts or act like a smartass, that’s not the real point of his character. He’s inspiring because he gives it his all no matter what he does. He goes for broke.

You might think, is it tactically sound to emulate a guy who acts like he’s unaware of his limitations? But that’s why he’s able to push to the edge of his limits, by not seeing them at all. It’s not that he’s truly unaware, but that his training has taken him to a level of competence where he can be guided by his instincts. His training will pull him back naturally, when the situation calls for it, but mentally, he sees no limits. He can do what he sets his mind to.

It’s a mind trick. It’s something you can only hope to achieve by being at the top of your game. But that Maverick Mentality can push you to do amazing things.

A Maverick at Heart: Flying into the Danger Zone

You might’ve seen Top Gun patches that say “Highway to the Danger Zone.” Tactical training is meant to teach you how to respond in situations of danger. You’ve gotta be able to take a calculated risk or two if you want to survive. You may not care for the taste of danger, but you’ve got to be able to face it unflinchingly.

The Maverick Mentality enhances your confidence and makes you feel invincible. Deep down, you know you’re not, but this attitude can get you very far. Honestly, it’s all about motivation. Whatever puts you “in the zone” can be worth doing. This definitely works for some folks. For others… well, we’ve got a wide variety of inspirational 14er patches, there’s gotta be something there that does the trick.

Of course, we’re not saying you should fully be like Maverick, looking for your next rush in dangerous activities. We gotta concede that the real world ain’t a movie, and it’s not tactically wise to invite danger. The Maverick Mentality kicks in when we encounter a situation where we need to face risk head-on.

You can still carry a touch of the Maverick Mentality in everyday life, though. It takes the form of supreme confidence⁠—we call it swagger! 



Pushing Yourself to Your Limits in Adventures

Adventure is good for all of us, especially if it means experiencing the outdoors. The next time you go outdoor trekking, slap some Top Gun Maverick patches on your backpack and bring the ace mindset with you. It’s good to feel extra confident while adventuring, not only because you’re tactically prepared but coz you’ve got the right mentality.

Hiking can be arduous, draining your strength and your will. If you’re sporting 14er tactical patches, you’ll feel the need to live up to the bold statements they make. Statements that display the Maverick Mentality for all to see. This is how you push yourself, how you maintain the can-do attitude. Maverick Mentality patches bolster your mental strength.

If you plan to take calculated risks on your adventure, the mentality will serve you well. Cliff jumping, paragliding, free climbing⁠—whatever you plan to do, that Maverick drive will get you through it with flying colors. And when you’ve succeeded, you can point to your Top Gun patches and say, “The Maverick Mentality. That’s how it’s done.”

That’s a form of leadership, too. Showing ‘em that even the toughest things get easy if you have a prepared mind.


14er Tactical patches let you display the movie’s best slogans as a statement of purpose.

Maverick Mentality Patches: Powering Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is the key to professional, athletic and tactical success. Anything that feeds it is worth supporting. If a movie character inspires you, why not use that? If you work in an office, put up the movie poster on your wall, along with motivational posters.

What works in an office will work anywhere else. You’ll just be using patches instead of posters: Top Gun patches and Top Gun Maverick patches. Display ‘em on your gear⁠—your jacket, gym bag, range bag, tactical backpack, everyday carry bag or hiking rucksack. 

As we’ve said, 14er Tactical patches carry a statement of purpose. Some people get tattoos to remind them of their purpose. Morale patches work equally as well, and what’s more, they’re carrying on a proud military tradition.

Inspirational 14er patches are more than decoration. They signal your being part of the tactical community, for one thing. They’re good morale boosters, no question. When you’re wearing a patch with a slogan, you’ll feel the need to live up to it. Though some patches are worn just for fun, of course.


Use Top Gun patches to unlock the power of self-motivation.


The Best Maverick Mentality Patches to Wear

You’ll want to get only high-quality morale patches for your gear. The ideal patches combine style and durability. We can tell you that 14er Tactical patches are made from highly durable materials that will stand up to wear and tear. They are finished with merrow edges to keep them from fraying.

14er Tactical patches have detailed embroidered designs with fine stitching. On the back, the patches come with hook and loop backing that provide excellent adhesion. You can be sure that when you stick the patches on your gear, they’ll stay on all day.

The 14er Tactical collection offers many morale patch bundles, from inspirational 14er patches to Top Gun patches

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