Tactical Gear on a Budget: How to Equip Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

Looking for low-cost tactical gear solutions? Start by prioritizing your purchases. Focus on essentials, such as a versatile, high-quality tactical backpack.

Tactical preparation is a mindset that is achievable for anybody. Some people think it’s all about getting decked out in tactical gear, but it’s not like that. Obviously we love tactical gear, but you can still get into the tactical spirit with regular commercial equipment. Tactical gear would be the better option, without a doubt, but we’ve all gotta make do sometimes.

So how do you equip yourself with tactical gear on a budget? Read on. We’ve got some great tactical gear cost-saving tips for you!

Staying Focused on the Essentials

If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to make fewer purchases, which means that you’ve gotta be a lot more selective. Focus on one or two items that will make a big difference to your tactical lifestyle. Items such as tactical pants and jackets will be less of a priority. Sure, tactical pants will be more tough and flexible. But it won’t be miles away from wearing a regular pair of pants. And since you’ll be changing your pants everyday (at least we hope so), then a single pair of tactical pants won’t cut it.

We recommend that you purchase a reliable tactical backpack? Why a backpack? Because it’s an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. It’s also something you really can’t do without. A backpack is equally suitable in an urban environment or out in the wilderness. And you’ve gotta have a bag in which to carry your stuff⁠—including your self-defense essentials.

A backpack is designed to support a tactical approach. When you use a backpack, you’re leaving your hands free⁠—not occupied with carrying stuff. That gives you an advantage if you need to block blows, grab something or draw an item or weapon. 

As for why it’s better to get a tactical backpack⁠—it’s because it’s designed for the tactical lifestyle. Take a look at the 14er Tactical Backpack and you’ll see what we mean! It’s got a handy CCW pocket in which you can secure your firearm. That’s not something you’ll get from a regular backpack. If you’re serious about living the tactical way, you should equip yourself with the gear that makes it possible.

Why should a tactical backpack be your top-priority purchase? You can live the tactical life without tactical pants or a tactical jacket, but a backpack is a must-have.

Affordable Tactical Equipment Options

Part of what you pay for when you buy tactical equipment is the convenience of saving time. You don’t have to spend time researching a cheap, obscure brand to try to figure out if it’s worth buying at all. You don’t have to compare prices on multiple online stores. 

But if you don’t mind taking the time to research, then you can discover affordable tactical equipment to suit your needs. Keep in mind that cheaper “tactical gear” may not differ greatly from non-tactical commercial gear. Some sellers just slap the tactical label on items as a marketing ploy. So when you do your research, find out what materials were used in the manufacture of the item. Look out for indicators of quality control, such as Denier count for fabrics.

Another thing you can do is purchase secondhand tactical gear. While “previously loved” items might not be your foremost preference, they offer a good opportunity to pick up budget-friendly tactical gear. And since tactical gear is made to be durable and long-lived, even secondhand tactical gear can be of excellent quality. 

The question is, where can one find secondhand goods to purchase? We suggest that you become part of a tactical prep community. Find a local organization or even an online group that you can join! When you’re a member of a community, you can ask around to see whether anyone has used tactical gear that they’d like to sell. You can also seek advice from the community concerning low-cost tactical gear solutions. And of course, it’s good to belong to a community of like-minded people.

Joining a tactical community can be quite beneficial. You can ask around to see whether anyone has tactical gear that they can sell to you at an affordable price.

More Tactical Gear Cost-Saving Tips

Speaking of low-cost tactical gear solutions, one good idea is to purchase items in bulk. This lets you take advantage of bulk discount pricing. You’ll want to be a reseller of tactical gear in this case. Your bulk purchase will provide you with your retail inventory, and then you’ll have a little business going! 

Of course, this approach isn't for everyone. You might want to pick up budget-friendly tactical gear without having to resell anything. But for those of an entrepreneurial bent, this is an option to consider. And if the approach succeeds, you’re assured of getting at least one batch of affordable tactical equipment⁠—one that possibly pays for itself.

Our other tactical gear cost-saving tips involve excellent care and maintenance. It can be worth it to make a tactical gear purchase if you can depend on the product’s longevity. But you’ve got to put a little effort into supporting its longevity. Neglecting the care of an item will prove detrimental. While it may still last an impressive amount of time, it would do even better with proper maintenance. Fortunately, maintenance is fairly simple to accomplish⁠—especially for gear that’s already up there in quality!

An important aspect of maintenance is emphasizing the use of natural, organic cleaning products. These don’t have to be expensive products, either. Many natural cleaners can be made by you at home. This DIY approach will save you money and also ensure better care of your tactical gear. Commercial cleaning products often contain perfumes and other additives that can be harmful to the items you clean. More simple and affordable cleaning solutions can prove to be the superior option.

What do you think about our advice? Do you have any low-cost tactical gear solutions you’d like to share? Leave us a comment with your ideas!

The entrepreneurial approach can be an option for some people. This involves making bulk purchases and selling the tactical gear as a business.

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